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Ishe Smith in the dark over TMT Promotions

Smith, 34, stopped Ayi Bruce in four rounds to score his 23rd victory in 28 contests recently and has been bombarded with fans asking whether he will be the latest name snapped up by the rapper-turned boxing promoter, following in the footsteps of Yuriorkis Gamboa and Andre Dirrell.

“People are wondering and asking me what my future holds since the formation of TMT, asking is it the same as Mayweather Promotions and when am I fighting,” Smith told World Boxing News.

“I have stayed in touch with Floyd Mayweather and I have the utmost respect for him and what he has done for me and my family.

“He gave me an opportunity when no one else would and one of the things we have spoken about is staying busy and eventually fighting for a title one day.

“He has giving me the confidence I need by assuring me that he believes in me and my abilities. I have never taken an ass whooping and I have never been knocked down or out. I have never been staggered or hurt and I know I have a lot of years left in this sport, although I don’t know what the future holds, nor do I have all the answers to everyone’s questions.

“We spoke last week and he said that he has me a fight already lined up and I believe and trust him.
“I have remained loyal and will continue to do so. Everyone that is apart of his camp and team are just ready for him to come home and get back to business as usual.

“I am sure details about my next fight will be emerging very soon. I am excited about my future, happy for TMT, and happy Floyd is coming home. If Floyd wants me with TMT or Mayweather Promotions, that’s where I’ll end up,” he added.

Mayweather is due for release this week after serving two months of a three month sentence and everything is set to become a lot clearer in the coming weeks regarding the new venture and the pound for pound kings next move.