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Home » Suspicions raised that female WBC champion boxer was born male

Suspicions raised that female WBC champion boxer was born male

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The 24-year-old eventually lost her title to Australian Susie Ramadan at the Melbourne Pavilion in Victoria but was questioned by WBC physicians and refused to provide blood tests to prove her gender.

Allegations are now out in the open that Kokietgym was potentially born a male and took estrogen, for whatever purpose, to make him/her more female. The WBC is set to investigate the findings of the officials shortly.

Australian doctor Peter Lewis told of his suspicions after the fight: ”There’s a possibility that she started as a man and has taken estrogen.

“Or we could be dealing with a woman who is pumped up on steroids. Or she could be a hermaphrodite. That’s where you have the genes of a male and the body of a female,” he explained.

Lewis also stated that the authorities in Thailand have failed to act in this situation. Kokietgym would be likely to be left to continue his/her career upon return to home shores.

”I have known of Thai boxers that have tested positive to HIV, hepatitis B and C in Australia, who have returned to Thailand and been allowed to continue fighting,” Lewis said.

Australian boxing promoter Brian Amatruda added: “The test results are through the roof. They’re highly suspicious.”