Danish move reignites Ahmed Kaddour

Danish-based 154lb contender Ahmed Kaddour is surging up the rankings since returning to the sport following a three-year exile and hopes to be contesting world titles in the next twelve months.

The 30 year-old, who appeared in the US TV show ‘The Contender’ in 2004 suffering his only two defeats to Ishe Smith and Alfonso Gomez, is now fighting under the world-famous Sauerland banner after his move to Europe.

‘Babyface’ scored a majority decision win over Gary Boulden in June over eight rounds to improve his record to 25-2-1, although the Lebanese-born fighter admits troubles in his personal life almost ended his career.

“Well I have had lots of things that have gone wrong for me inside of the ring as much outside of the ring,” Kaddour told World Boxing News.

“It took me awhile to adjust and get the hunger back, so all in all I am very happy I took the time off to get mentally 100% ready and in a fight mood.”

Kaddour went through a messy divorce in 2007, spending a period in jail for an alleged burglary and losing his American visa as a result. Those circumstances eventually lead to his return to Scandinavia and the fighter is now reinvigorated and fully focused on his boxing career.

“I didn’t want to take any risks just to fight when I knew I had those personal problems in my life, mostly because I was managed by the wrong people,” Kaddour explained.

“I’m here in Denmark living here now and I am very happy for that. Wherever I will be in the near future only God knows best, but I just want to box and get a shot at the title.

“I had no choice to fight anywhere else at the time when I turned pro in 2000. I grew up here and I have built my fan base here. Also, at the time I was still going to school going for my masters in mechanical engineering so I had a lot to look forward too and I never regret anything.

“I am very focused right now. I am giving up everything to just fight and get one step closer to fighting for a real championship belt. I hope to get two more fight this year and then go for a major title.

“I’m also just happy if I get a chance to fight for an intercontinental title too as I know they can lead to bigger titles.”

On any future targets at the light-middleweight limit, Kaddour added: “It’s hard to same any name. I just want to keep winning, stay healthy and focus.

“I don’t want to focus of fighting one guy now when I have other fights that I have to win first.

“I can look ahead and say that I will be fighting next year. As you know, a lot of things can happen in boxing. One thing is for sure though, I’m willing to fight anybody and I mean anybody, anywhere, anytime.

“Send me a fight contract and offer me the right money for the fight and I’ll leave tomorrow. I’m not scared of anyone but God.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fans for all the support, without them I wouldn’t have made it. I also would like to say thank you to my family and Lara my girlfriend for everything they have done for me.

“There is nothing better than to be with the right girl that knows how to make a man happy.

“I love you all very much. You can look forward to see me back in action again on September 22 in Denmark at Nordic Fight Night, promoted by Sauerland Event.”