Steward: Drugged up fighter will cause serious damage one day

In the wake of a spate of boxers testing positive for banned substances on both sides of the Atlantic, ‘Hall of Fame’ trainer Emanuel Steward believes that the powers that be need to take a tough stance to clamp down on performance enhancing drugs in the sport.

Steward, who currently trains heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko, is disappointed with the latest failures and says that things need to change rapidly to avoid a tragedy in the ring that could end up in the courts.

“It’s a very serious matter,” Steward told World Boxing News. “If not corrected, it will change the course of boxing outcomes.

“We are looking at serious damage to the fighter who is not on the drug if he is in the ring with one who is.”

Many in the sport are calling for compulsory blood tests to be introduced for all fighters as soon as a title fight is signed in a measure that would hopefully clean up the sport in the short term and eventually eradicate the practice altogether.