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IBF to make decision on Lamont Peterson

Lamont Peterson tested positive for a banned steroid in a post-fight drug test following his twelve round victory over Khan in Washington late last year, and has since admitted administering testosterone in the pre-fight build-up.

The American took Khan’s IBF and WBA title in the process, although the WBA have since stripped Peterson and reinstated the British fighter as their champion in the wake of their own reviewing process.

Confirmation has not yet been released that Peterson knowingly tried to gain an advantage over his opponent in December and IBF spokesperson Jeanette Salazar told WBN that they are currently weighing up the evidence in the case.

“We have received the documents and they will be reviewed by an independent physician,” Salazar told World Boxing News.

“Once we get all the information from the physician a decision will be made with regard to the title.”

Salazar believes that the WBA’s swift act to give the title back to Khan is a massive one to make in the time frame and reassured WBN that they will not be swayed by the decision to give Khan back his status.

“I don’t know what their decision making process was, or what specific factors led to them making that decision,” said Salazar.

“It was a big decision to make, and a very important one, so I would assume that they made in the end, the decision they felt was best.”