Phil Jeffries fears the worst for son Tony’s pro career

Tony Jeffries may have fought his last professional fight at the tender age of 27 as a last resort treatment for an injury to his hands does not hold much hope for the fighter’s father Phil.

‘Jaffa’ took bronze at the 2008 Olypmics in Beijing and was tipped for a promising fight career until the hand trouble became unbearable in the wake of his last victory over Paul Morby in September last year.

Phil Jeffries, who is also a promoter, has now told WBN that he is expecting the doctors to call time on his son’s fight career, although Tony is still clinging to the hope that the new procedure will prolong his fighting chances.

“We are trying one more treatment on his hands, but personally I don’t think he will not box again and Tony is totally gutted about it,” Phil told World Boxing News.

Asked whether Tony may move into training or promoting with his father, Phil answered: “Tony has not given up on boxing yet he is in Los Angeles training still and he as hope the treatment will work.

“I, myself don’t think it will and it is such a shame,” he added.

Sunderland FC fanatic Jeffries has nine wins from his ten fights so far and was on the verge of fighting for his first professional title until disaster struck his fledgling career and I wish him all the best in his hope to fight again.