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Afolabi holding out for third Huck fight

Afolabi, 32, believes he has now won both contests with long-time champion Huck, who was awarded the first fight in Ludwigsburg and given a draw with the US-based Brit in the second earlier this month.

“I’m looking to fight Huck again, but he and his promoter says he won’t be fighting until October,” Afolabi told World Boxing News.

“In the meantime, I like to remain active and will have a fight before then. I would have no hesitation signing on for the October fight, that’s if they man up and dance with me again. I don’t see why we shouldn’t do it again. I’m still interim champion and mandatory as we both kept our belts.

Asked if a possible opponent for his next bout could be BJ Flores, who was offered the chance to fight Afolabi in March only to ask for more time, Afolabi replied: BJ who? I take no time thinking about fantasy/comic book characters.

“I’m looking to fight real fighters, not those that took a page out of David Haye’s book and fake/trash talk themselves to a shot at a title they don’t deserve.”