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Corley: I’ll be the southpaw Marquez needs

Marquez, 38, is currently hunting for a southpaw opponent for his July 14th warm-up bout before a potential fourth meeting with Manny Pacquiao and left-hander Corley is more than willing to step in as the Mexican struggles to finalize an opponent.

“I am looking for a big fight and if Marquez wants a southpaw opponent on July 14th, then he can look no further than me,” Corley told World Boxing News.

“I want to be world champion again and would have no problem fighting Marquez or even Olusegun, Singwancha or even Fedchencko again to earn the chance.

“I don’t mind fighting anyone as long as it leads me to my goal,” he added.

The 37 year-old has had a chequered few years, suffering seven losses in eight bouts between 2009 and 2011 as he travelled around the world accepting bouts in his opponent’s backyard. Corley lost six decisions in that time, two of which were split and did his career no favours as he took fights that he should have avoided for the good of his ranking.

The Washington fighter is now hoping that his victory over McCloskey will justify the constant away fights and may now attempt to secure fights on American soil to give him a better chance at securing a final world title shot.