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Cotto ready for Mayweather, aims to be P4P best

The Puerto Rican three-weight world title holder worked out for the world’s press and answered numerous questions as the buzz surrounding the Las Vegas bout continues to grow.

“It’s been a great camp. With sixteen days to go I’ll be keeping my edge and the last eight days will be in Las Vegas,” Cotto told World Boxing News.

“You know, I’ve been in super fights before so this is nothing new to me. We have a plan but it wouldn’t be smart to reveal it before May 5th.”

The two fighters, who are recognised as two of the greatest of their generation, have shown total respect to each other in the build-up and Cotto believes that his past achievements have made Floyd think twice about handing out any trash talk.

“Maybe because he has watched my fights and knows I’m capable and trash talk is not my thing,” explained Cotto. “We have both been very professional during the pre-fight period and I expect that to continue until fight night.”

Mayweather, 35, is moving up from his position as WBC welterweight belt holder to fight at 154lbs for just the second time in his career following a close contest with a much bigger Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 and Cotto says it is hard to tell yet if weight will make a difference when they oppose each other at the MGM Grand.

“I won’t know that until we get in the ring and we are fighting,” he said. “But I am glad he is coming up to my 154-pound championship weight and I’m not coming down for his 147-pound title.

“To beat him though, It would mean that I beat the best boxer in the world and was the first man to do it.

“That’s my plan and that I can reveal to you.”

If Cotto manages to do what he hopes to do and end Mayweather’s impressive undefeated 42-fight record, he will have numerous opponents on the table, including Saul Alvarez and Sergio Martinez, but stated that any future bouts would have to below 160lbs.

“I can’t see me ever moving to 160lbs. 154 is very comfortable for me and this is where I will stay,” said Cotto.