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12 Rounds with Andreas Evangelou

Andreas recently spoke to WBN for a ’12 Rounds’ interview…

1.How did you first get into boxing Andreas?

Boxing has always been a big part of my family growing up. When I was 13 my older brother started training in a pro gym in Brixton.

We would often spar along with my younger brother (The Flash) in the garden or sitting room and I guess that’s where I started fighting.

2.What was your amateur record?

11 fights 9 wins, although I have had many years of top training with some of the best in the business and sparred a lot of professionals and a few world champions.

3.Who influenced you as a young boxer?

Steve Collins The Celtic Warrior

4.Toughest opponent you have faced?

Andy Fry in the London ABA’s. He was my first southpaw and very strong.

5.Who would you want to fight in the future?

When I’m ready, whoever is the World champion at the time.

6.Favourite all-time fight?

Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward 1 in particular rd 9

7.Best fight you have seen live?

The first fight between Tyson Fury and John Mcdermott. Maybe it was because the crowd were so vibrant, but it was a proper punch up and great to watch.

8.What is your target for 2012?

Remain undefeated and continue stopping my opponents.

9.What’s your motivation?

In the past I’ve made a lot of mistakes which in the long run cost me a lot. My life was pretty much going nowhere until I decided to take boxing seriously.

Being a role model to those who are in a place I once was motivates me as if I can turn things around, then so can they.

Over the past few years I’ve really focused on becoming the best fighter I can be and work hard everyday.

I’m hoping to achieve something great and be able to provide for my family.

10.What would you change in Boxing?

Recently I’ve noticed referees stopping fights far too early due to cuts, without giving the corner a chance to work. It’s even worse to see in world title fights.

We are professional fighters and expect to bleed sometimes; losing a bit of blood is a small sacrifice to pay in order to become a champion.

Obviously safety is extremely important but I feel a fight should only be stopped if absolutely necessary.

11. Mayweather or Pacquiao?

Mayweather (Mayweather leads 8-1 in the series)

12. And finally… tell us something we don’t know about Andreas Evangelou.

Apart from boxing my other great passion in life is the piano. I often play before I leave to go and fight as it relaxes me and takes my mind of the fight for a while.

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