EXCLUSIVE: Pawel Wolak confirms three career options

Pawel Wolak

Pawel Wolak has explained to WBN what his plans are for 2012 after announcing his retirement following his loss to rival Delvin Rodriguez in December at Madison Square Garden.

The 31-year-old is currently intent on beginning training for a career in Mixed Martial Arts. However, the ‘Raging Bull’ is still contracted to previous employers’ Top Rank until October this year. He could have one last fight before swapping the prizefighting ring for the octagon.

“There are basically three options,” Wolak exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Top Rank accepts my request to let me out of my contract early. I then go into MMA and have my first fight this summer.

“Or Top Rank asks me to fulfil my contract obligations and gives me an opponent and opportunity that makes sense. I will then honor my contract.

“The third option is Top Rank asks me to fulfil my contract obligations and gives me something that makes no sense. In that case, I would decline and just train for MMA until the contract expires in October.”

The Polish-born American has admitted he has become disillusioned with the sport of boxing. He needs a fresh challenge to re-ignite his appetite.

His last performance against Rodriguez was definitely not the Wolak we all know and he believes that the time is right to step away from professional boxing.

“The biggest issue for me right now in boxing is that nobody, whether it’s me, Vanes (Martirosyan), (James) Kirkland, Delvin (Rodriguez), Paul Williams and a bunch of other really solid fighters who deserve the opportunity in 154 are not being given the opportunity to get titles,” explained Wolak.

“So why do it if you can’t get a chance at the grand prize? Canelo is fighting Mosley, Cotto against Floyd and the IBF seems to recognize only three guys in Bundrage, Powell and Spinks.

“So it is tough to come back knowing that and wondering what would be next if I win the next fight against a good fighter as these champions aren’t being forced to fight real 154 contenders and there are a lot of them.

“If I commit to something in boxing I would be 1000% dedicated. I have not fought my last 2 fights as well as I expect myself to and while there were some personal issues outside the ring during my second fight with Delvin (every guy has those), I won’t make excuses as Delvin beat me by fighting smart and very well.

“I just don’t know if it would be a one and done if I came back or I would keep going no matter if I win or lose based on what I said earlier about guys’ not getting shots at the title as well as my interest in MMA.

“After all, my background is as a successful kickboxer and wrestler. You could tell that just by watching me box and how square I get sometimes which is wrestling 101 and a no no in boxing.”

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