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Public brawl to make Haye and Chisora millions

The British Boxing Board of Control have issued a statement today which indicates possible sanctions will be handed out to 28 year-old Chisora, who instigated the mass brawl at the weekend after first slapping, and then losing to Vitali Klitschko for the world heavyweight title.

Speculation is rife that a life-time ban will be laid on the Londoner but in my opinion this won’t happen and once ‘Del Boy’ serves whatever ban/fine that comes his way, the former British champion stands to benefit royally from his actions in Germany.

Haye, 31, is still wanted for questioning by police, although his whereabouts are currently unknown and the WBA champion may have to deal with the Munich constabulary before then considering his next move in boxing.

According to the BBBofC’s recent release, Haye in unlicensed with the body after announcing his retirement in October and would have to re-apply and therefore go through what could be a rigorous process to get re-licensed after his part in the melee.

The Bermondsey fighter was seen lashing out on three occasions on the night, once to Chisora with a bottle in his hand, anther to Don Charles, Chisora’s trainer who took a mighty blow from Haye and his own trainer Adam Booth was then struck with a tripod wielded by the former undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Repercussions are still yet to fall at Haye’s feet but again, in my opinion, they should not affect his long-term ring career and the two could capitalize on renewed interest in the heavyweight division from America by signing to fight each other in an eliminator to face one of the world champion Klitscko brothers.

A time scale could not be put on when this fight could happen as the events of Munich are still raw in the mind, but there should be no reason why the fight can’t happen in 2012, provided both sides can agree a deal.

Germany would obviously be clambering to gain the rights to stage a possible grudge match as the original scrap took place on their turf, but no doubt the US and the two fighters’ home country would be hoping to host the British super-fight.

There will always be some that will be sceptical as to whether the fighters were encouraged to make a story out of them both being in the same room that night, but what followed could never have been stage and was entirely due to the fact that both men have utter distain for each other and will hopefully be given the opportunity to settle their differences in the ring.