Haye and Chisora engage in public brawl at Munich presser

Phil Jay 19/02/2012

Accusations flew around in the aftermath of an astonishing brawl between British fighter’s Dereck Chisora and David Haye at a German post-fight press conference when the two failed to control themselves in front of the world’s media.

Chisora, 28, had just gone twelve rounds with one of the best heavyweights of recent times in Vitali Klitschko and obviously his adrenaline was pumped. The sight of Haye in the room sent the Finchley fighter over the edge though and Chisora was eventually questioned by police for threatening to shoot his compatriot.

‘Del Boy’ has been emphasising his hatred for Haye for sometime now and whether it was a good idea to allow Haye into the post-fight press conference is a debate for another time as the damage is done.

Haye, a former WBA champion, had made his presence felt in an attempt to call out Vitali Klitschko for a June match-up that had been discussed in December, but angered a visibly irate Chisora, who is seeking another fight with one of the Ukrainian brothers.

Bernd Boente, the Klitschko’s manager was the first to berate Haye, leading to Chisora following and ultimately as an exchange of words insued, Chisora then wanted Haye to come closer so they could argue face-to-face.

In my opinion, there was only ever going to be one outcome from Chisora’s decision but it was the scale of violence that has shocked the world of boxing as inanimate objects were used to cause bodily harm to in particular Adam Booth, who seemed to be hit with a tripod by his own fighter, Haye.

Chisora also claimed that he was glassed by the ‘Hayemaker’ who seemed to have a bottle in his hand as his threw the first punch. Although the former cruiserweight champion’s hand was closed when he reacted to Chisora’s aggressive taunts.

Both fighters are to blame for the ruckus though as the pair should have enough self-control to sort out their differences in the ring. The raw feeling between the two had to come out some time and this unfortunately, was it and the world was watching.

Frank Warren said it right before the mass brawl was sparked by commenting that both fighter’s should meet each other with the winner gaining another shot at the title and hopefully the two Londoner’s will agree to a deal for the summer.

Interest in the heavyweight division has been now been revived by this situation, like it or not as even Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko both seemed intrigued as the two Briton’s butted heads like two bouncers at a nightclub door.

The aftermath is set to run for sometime yet though as the implications or their actions will certainly come back at them, but when the dust settles, Adam Booth and Frank Warren have to sit down and thrash out a deal for what will be the most eagerly-anticipated British heavyweight fight since Bruno and Lewis, well the rematch will be anyway.