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Home » Scepticism reigns for Mayweather v Pacquiao on May 5

Scepticism reigns for Mayweather v Pacquiao on May 5

Although there isn’t a person I have met in boxing yet that doesn’t want Floyd to fight the ‘Pacman,’ there are plenty that wont believe it until it is finally signed.

Whatever theories we can throw at why now or the motivation behind it don’t mean a thing, the only thing that matters is whether Floyd and Manny want the fight and can agree terms.

Mayweather knows it is in his best interests to get the fight made and the dollar signs, coupled with the prestige of victory are also in the best interests of his boxing legacy.

The WBC welterweight champion is well aware that it would be the most grateful thing he could do for all those fans around the world who have supported and helped him through the tough times in his life.

If the fight is signed for May, Pacquiao will be 33 and Floyd 35 meaning both fighters are still at the peak of their powers and a win for either should settle the argument for good.

Talk of a trilogy between the two legends is a bit like running before you can walk. Let’s just get them in the ring once to cure everybody’s lust for the fight and look forward to what could be the greatest fight of all time on May 5th.