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Ortiz admits intentionally head-butting Mayweather

The 24 year-old, who dropped to 29-3-2 after being knocked out controversially by the undefeated Mayweather, told TMZ that he was frustrated that referee Joe Cortez did not act when he felt he was being fouled by his opponent.

“I did the headbutt, but only because I told Cortez twice he used the elbow on my eyebrow,” Ortiz explained.

“I said, ‘Cortez! Elbow, elbow!’ and he says, ‘fight out of it! and then Mayweather’s smiling at me, so I was like, ‘Alright. Boom!'”

“I got deducted for the point and nothing happened to him from the headbutt. It would’ve been something else if I would’ve gashed him open.”

Ortiz was then guilty of naivety as he apologised to Mayweather after Cortez had told both boxers to fight on and the Kansas-born fighter admits he didn’t know what was happening.

“He hit me, and then I looked at Cortez like, ‘Yo, dude, what’s going on?”

Failing to make the count, Ortiz looked stunned and is now seeking another shot at Mayweather even though he was out-boxed for the four rounds that the bout was contested.

“I don’t feel like he’s worthy of the championship or even to be carrying the name of a champion, unless he gives me the rematch,” Ortiz added.