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Investigator: Suicide not possible in Gatti death

Chicago-based P.I Paul Ciolino has put his findings into a detailed report, which will be released on August 30th, but gave his opinion to New Jesery-based newspaper The Jersey Journal after a ten-month operation.

Gatti died aged 37 whilst on holiday with his wife Amanda Rodrigues and his young son in north east Brazil and after an investigation by the Brazilian authorities was deemed a suicide. Brazilian police had said that the exciting prize fighter was drunk and depressed and used his wife’s purse strap to hang himself whilst his wife and son slept upstairs, which Ciolino totally disagrees with.

“I think that when we get done with the press conference it will be pretty clear it was not a suicide,” Ciolino told The Journal.

“It was not physically possible, given the circumstances and their (Brazilian police) theories.

Ciolino also added that the Brazilian police investigation was “half-assed” and “The autopsy was totally incomplete.”

“They did a lot of things that were not acceptable practice anywhere in the world. It was just totally inaccurate,” added Ciolino.

Many fans around the world, along with members of Gatti’s family refused to believe that the boxer nicknamed ‘Thunder’ would take his own life and Ciolino, without blaming her directly, has said if suicide is ruled out that only leaves Gatti’s wife as the culprit.

“We don’t have to (point any fingers), only one person was in the apartment that night.”

Ciolino has claimed that he has evidence in his possession, “which will conclusively lay to rest the mystery surrounding Gatti’s cause of death.”