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Alexander wins debatable Matthysse split

Alexander, who has both held the IBF and WBC titles at 140lbs, scored his 22nd career win in his 23rd contest despite suffering a fourth round knockdown. The American had used his lateral movement to stay away from Matthysse’s power with some success until the first few seconds of the fourth round when Matthysse caught Alexander flat-footed with a straight right hand and dropped him to the canvas.

The former world champion, who sufferd his first defeat in his last bout with Timothy Bradley, got straight back up and continued on after an eight count but wouldn’t make the same mistake again for the remaining six rounds. Alexander stuck to his boxing and avoided a repeat as he picked his shots and moved around the ring away from Matthysse’s power.

The Buenos Aries-based puncher had 26 stoppage wins in his previous 29 contests prior to last night’s fight and hunted Alexander down for the ten rounds without catching his elusive opponent with a shot that could end the fight. After the ten rounds the judges’ scorecards read 96-93, 95-94, 93-96, handing Alexander a split decision win and leaving Matthysse devastated at losing another tight decision in the US to an American.

In November last year, Matthysse lost what most people thought was a win for the South American to now IBF champion Zab Judah in New Jersey and their could be an argument for a Matthysse win last night, especially with the knockdown and the fight being so close throughout.