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Home » Teddy Atlas: Manny Pacquiao hasn’t beat anyone!

Teddy Atlas: Manny Pacquiao hasn’t beat anyone!

Pacquaio, 32, is considered one of the greats of the modern era, winning world titles at seven different weights and beating some of the best fighters in their respective weight divisions. All this though seems to have been bypassed by Atlas, who also predicted an Antonio Margarito victory in Pacquaio’s last fight.

“I’m taking nothing away from him – great talent, but who did he really beat?” said Atlas as he referred to most of Pacquaio’s opponents as ‘damaged goods’ and when asked if he would rank in the top 25 of all time, Atlas answered “Maybe a little lower.”

I am not accusing Atlas of holding a personal grudge against Pacquaio, far from it, but his constant dismissal of the Filipino’s exceptional achievements seems to point to a slight distain on the part of the New Yorker and I would like to hear his views if the “Pacman” knocks out Mosley this Saturday night.