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Pacquiao v Mayweather now possible

Pacquaio, who turns 32 next month, pulverised Antonio Margarito earlier this month to claim the WBC 154lb title and has announced to numerous media sources in the last few hours that he will stay on in the fight game, but not after his 35th birthday in 2013.

This now means that the potentially highest grossing fight of all time, still has three years to be made, news which will delight the avid boxing fan and will have the boxing media licking their lips in anticipation.

With all of Floyd Mayweather’s problems and the fact that Pacquiao intends to concentrate on his political career as a Filipino Congressman for the next six months, it may be late into 2011 before negotiations can even begin and both sides can put their cards on the table.

Mayweather, 33, hasn’t fought since out-pointing “Sugar” Shane Mosley in May and has been in the news over the last few months for all the wrong reasons, but could be ready to fight again by the summer of 2011.

His last opponent has been touted as a possible next match-up for Pacquiao along with WBC Welterweight Champion Andre Berto and lightweight king Juan Manuel Marquez, both of whom are in action this weekend in defences of their titles.

If Pacquiao does return after six months out, its not thought that Mayweather would be his next opponent but at least there is a larger window of opportunity for both camps to work with, as it would be a travesty if these two warriors didn’t meet in the ring at some point.