State of heavyweight division tempts Lennox Lewis to return

Phil Jay 09/11/2010

Former three-time heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis has been talking to The Daily Mail about the chances of former Olympic gold medallist making a sensational return to the ring.

World-beater Lewis has become disillusioned with the fighters on the heavyweight scene in recent years and is finding it harder to resist to temptation to make an audacious challenge to the dominant Klitschko brothers.

“Yes, it’s on my mind again, I am talking myself out of it but the temptation is growing. Definitely,” said Lewis to the British newspaper.

“When I see guys like Shannon and Hasim still fighting (Lewis has beaten both men) it does make me think,” he added.

Lewis also believes his age should not coming into question when Evander Holyfield, who holds the lowly recognised WBF title, is 48 going on 49 and is still challenging the world heavyweight champions.

“I’m only 45, I can still be out there,” observed Lewis.

Lewis fought and beat the current WBC Champion Vitali Klitschko in 2003 before retiring soon after and does sympathise with the Ukrainian’s plight as he finds it harder to find credible opponents.

“Its not the fault of the Klitschkos,” he said. “They came towards the end of my career. For the most part they were in the next era, so their problem is finding good opponents. All they can do is take on whoever is around now, they need better competition,” added the heavyweight legend.