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Home » Audley Harrison’s mind games will only fuel the David Haye fire

Audley Harrison’s mind games will only fuel the David Haye fire

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Audley Harrison has something to say about his upcoming fight with arch-rival David Haye on a daily basis.

“A-Force” is certainly earning his money in the trash-talk stakes when it comes to his WBA Heavyweight Title bout and was at it again today. Harrison claims that the champion has been put on the floor in training by sparring partner Tony Thompson, which is yet to be confirmed.

Audley Harrison in David Haye Mind Games

Not one to be known for trash-talking, Audley seems to be taking on the role that Haye normally adopts himself, with the champion being unusually quiet in the build-up to the eagerly awaited all-British bout.

It seems that Haye is taking it all in and waiting for his time to come on November 13th. Meanwhile Harrison is maybe thinking that if he does lose, as he is expected to, he can at least raise his profile a little before he goes.

My own preditction is not a Harrison win as you can probably tell, Harrison seems a little naïve, talking a lot is a sign of nerves and he probably forgets that this is David Haye’s fourth world title fight and he has been there and done it all before.

Furthermore, I am predicting a second-round knockout in favor of Haye, an explosive performance on the part of the champion. All his pent-up rage being taken out on the man who really, in my opinion, didn’t deserve his shot.

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