Antonio Margarito denied License again

The proposed fight between Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao on November 13th looks to be dead in the water after the Mexican was denied a boxing license to fight in California.

The state athletic commission originally banned Margartio from fighting for a year in January 2009 for having a plaster type substance in his hand wraps and have upheld their decision.

Margarito denied knowing anything about the wraps originally and blamed his coach Javier Capetillo who he then fired, he had hoped to be able to fight again soon in order to secure the fight with Pacquiao.

The commission took five hours deliberating on Wednedsay and decided to withhold the former WBA, IBF and WBO welterweight champion’s license, Margarito is to appeal the decision but its looks as if the clash may now be called off.

The commision’s decision may now have a knock on effect as an application for a license in Nevada and Texas both hinged of the outcome of the California application so any proposed fight may have to take place outside of the United States which would not appeal to Pacquiao.

This could be a chance to resurrect the fight that everybody wants to see, a long awaited clash featuring Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. but only time will tell if both fighters want to go down that road again.