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WBN Photo: Sturm v Radosevic press conference

3rd June 2013
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WBN Photo: Sturm v Radosevic press conference

Felix Sturm v Predrag Radosevic press conference quotes

Felix Sturm: "I'm glad to be back in Dortmund. I changed a lot of things in preparation for this fight and will be way more professional than I have been in the past. I thought my talent would get me through. Make no mistake, I always trained hard but I did some wrong things in between my camps.

"I enjoyed life a bit too much, even though I don't drink or smoke. That has changed. You haven't seen the true Felix Sturm recently but I promise you will on July 6 against an motivated and unbeaten opponent in Predrag Radosevic. If you want, you could say you are in for Felix Sturm 2.0."

Fritz Sdunek, Trainer Felix Sturm: "We will work hard to get a big win against Radosevic. I have no doubt in my mind that Felix will show a master performance in Dortmund."

Predrag Radosevic: "He is a big name but that does not scare me at all. I will use this opportunity to prove myself as an elite fighter. I'm unbeaten and I'll stay so in July."

Hartmut Schröder, Trainer Predrag Radosevic: "We are the underdog in Dortmund, there is no doubt about that. But we will use the little chance we have. You can't guarantee a thing in boxing but I'm absolutely convinced that Predrag will stay unbeaten and defeat Felix Sturm in Jul