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Curtis Woodhouse hunts down disrespectful Tweeter

11th March 2013
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Curtis Woodhouse hunts down disrespectful Tweeter

Pro fighter Curtis Woodhouse called the bluff of an unwitting Twitter troll this afternoon by apparently acquiring the culprit's address and making his way there to confront him.

The tweeter goaded Woodhouse, 32, after the former footballer lost his English light-welterweight title to Shayne Singleton in a closely contested and contentious split decision on Friday night in Manchester.

Some of the derogatory comments obviously hit a nerve with Woodhouse, who offered £1000 to anyone who could give him the whereabouts of the offender in question, which he was given a short time later.

Woodhouse then proceeded to drive for the next hour or so, tweeting along the way as the man in question began to get more and more anxious of a potential meeting with the hard-hitting Yorkshireman.

The tweeter's apologies fell on deaf ears though as Woodhouse allegedly posted a picture of the man's street, before signalling that he was contacted by a friend of the troll who asked him to back off.

A short time later, Woodhouse stated that he had knocked at the address in question, but got no response and therefore ended his journey – well and truly making his point in the process.

"Sometimes enough is enough," said Woodhouse. "My dad always said you have to be able to walk it how you talk it, but he seems to have sh** his pants.

"I think he thought I was joking. He's just a bully that gets a kick out of being nasty, well today it backfired!"

The actions were later commended by some high-profile tweeters including footballer Joey Barton and ex-world champion Ricky Hatton and Woodhouse was later told by his promoter David Coldwell that he had gained 9,000 extra followers for his endeavours.